Our passion right from the beginning: Music and Voices. We are the nerds of the sounds. And we can offer delicious coffee as well.

The roots of m&s music can be traced back to the year 1991. Originally founded as a studio for musicians like Terence Trent Darby, The Weathergirls, The Flames and many more, it turned out soon that music arrangements for advertisement campaigns like Marlboro, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s and many more should become another foundation for the studio.

After relocating in 1994, the studio was expanded with a vocal booth for singers and voice actors. Shortly after this, localizing videogames became a new field in the studios portfolio and with its steadily increasing requirements it soon turned out to be the main focus of our work.

In 2003 the studio moved to Offenbach/Main, where it is now situated on the landmarked complex of the Heyne Factory, giving the studio its actual “face”.

Due to the growing demands of the video game market, m&s music was further expanded in 2006 with a second vocal studio, using the same technology as the already existing studio to guarantee a unique sound and all-around compatibility of both studios.

With a transition of the management in 2007, the portfolio of the studio was extended once again. Offering lip-synch dubbing for movies, TV series and cartoons as well as audio support for museums, theatres and events has become a new creative field for the studio.

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